Martin Scorsese’s Western drama Killers of the Flower Moon had generated information when Leonardo DiCaprio switched roles in the film and Jesse Plemons took over his authentic half however the movie’s screenwriter has clarified that the shuffle doesn’t relegate the Titanic star right into a supporting area.

Screenwriter Eric Roth not too long ago informed Collider that DiCaprio’s half is “very complicated and very interesting” and a sensible half for a “smart actor to play.”

“I wouldn’t say (Plemons is) the lead. I would say that he was the designated hero. But yeah, I think that’s fairer because I think the parts are pretty equal and they were always equal to a certain extent, and Leo’s part is very complicated and very interesting. It’s a smart part for a smart actor to play. I mean, if Montgomery Clift was alive, I think he might think of playing him,” Roth stated.

Killers of the Flower Moon revolves round the investigation right into a collection of murders of rich Osage folks that befell in Osage County, Oklahoma in the early Twenties.

Plemons performs Tom White, the lead FBI agent investigating the murders. The character is the movie’s conventional hero, which is why it was initially conceived for DiCaprio when Flower Moon was arrange at Paramount Pictures, as per the IndieWire.

But the actor was extra inquisitive about taking part in Ernest Burkhart, the nephew of a robust native rancher (De Niro), a call that reportedly led Paramount to promote the movie to Apple for 200 million {dollars}, the publication stated.

Roth stated he has been engaged on the script for nearly six years and there have been some modifications when DiCaprio got here on board with everybody attempting “to figure out how best to portray things because the story is so impactful”.

“I know Marty’s trying to make a movie that’s probably the last Western that would be made like this, and yet, with this incredible social document underneath it, and the violence and the environment. I think it’ll be like nothing we’ve ever seen, in a way. And so this one is, to me, one for the ages,” he added.

The manufacturing on the movie is slated to start in May with an anticipated launch date in 2022.

The movie marks Scorsese’s sixth collaboration with DiCaprio. They beforehand labored collectively in Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island and The Wolf of Wall Street.